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The Montessori program at All Are Friends Preschool provides a well rounded educational environment. Areas of the classroom include the following:

Practical Life

Practical Life is an extremely important curriculum area for young children who are learning and mastering basic skills. The activities in this area are designed to teach a child to function in their own environment.  The tasks include use of utensils and process activities, such as dish washing.

Language is a favorite area in the Montessori classroom. Activities are designed to prepare the child for continued language development. The child is constantly encouraged in this area, starting with basic language and vocabulary building. As the child gets older, phonetic sounds are thought with the use of sandpaper letters, objects and pictures. Reading and writing of simple words are then accomplished with the guidance of teacher.

Sensorial Activities

Sensorial activities are engaging to children because they involve tactile learning.  The child discovers and refines visual discrimination skills, such as size, length and width. The goal of these activities is to develop the ability to classify and sort colors, textures and smells, and to transfer that knowledge to the outside environment.

Mathematics in Montessori education starts with sensory perceptions based on the knowledge of concrete objects. As children show an interest, they are exposed to numbers and counting. They are then encouraged to develop mathematical concepts through daily living activities.


There is no task more worthwhile than to introduce young children to the world and fill their minds with wonder; set their eyes ablaze with fascination for all the different cultures of the Earth. Our role as teachers is to help children learn to live in peace and harmony with all people and the environment. Our cultural area includes Geography, Zoology, Botany and Science.